Visualization of Earth Modeling Systems

Senior Design Project

The product we are to build consists of a web application that allows users to query and view various maps that represent “natural and anthropogenic stresses” (compounds that are added to the ecosystem). Our client (Prof. Chaoqun Lu) currently develops 2D .tiff images that represent maps of various compounds and would like us to create a platform that would allow dynamic loading of her various maps onto a 3D space. Currently, our client analyzes compounds using a proprietary algorithm and creates a graph data stored in an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format.

The client has two issues as it stands: The first is the computation of this graph data takes several days or weeks for each model. The second is the client has no easy way to display this data for actors to view and interact with it.

The goal of our project is to focus on the second issue: provide a way for interested parties to view data in a user-friendly and interactive 3D environment.

Term: August 2016- May 2017
Project: 01
Client: Dr. Chaoqun (Crystal) Lu